Effective Ways to be a Professional Keynote Speaker

Public speaking is tough on its own, however, there is also a lot of hard work when it comes to doing it fulltime. Many professional keynote speakers are faced with regular tasks which require both intellectual and psychological strains.

Effective public speaking needs preparation and practice. To maintain a profitable income in being a keynote speaker, the following reminders should be observed.


Delivering a speech is not something that comes out of the blue. It needs enough time for preparation and research. Professional keynote speakers are familiar with the proper process of researching about the event, the subject of the speech, and the audience.

In this initial step, as a speaker, you must find ways to make the process enjoyable. Let this be an opportunity to look for inspiration to help you in writing your speech. Research is necessary to gather the vital information that would serve as foundation for your keynote.


One vital part in your speech is writing it. In this role, you can be an expert and have enough knowledge to make your own book. However, that is not enough. There is more to writing a keynote speech.

This step would require planning, crafting, editing, and revising. These are not quickly done in a couple of minutes. Keynote speakers know that they have to invest their time in making a speech that is worth listening to. The speaker has to build a piece of written material which will have the facts as well as stories which will engage the audience.

There are various ways in making a memorable speech, however, the beginning and the closing parts are the most important. Opening the speech would serve as your first impression to the listeners. Show confidence and gradually build rapport. The audience would want to listen to someone who knows what he/she is talking about. Do not start with a weak opening.

Also, the ending of your speech is crucial because this will leave a mark for the audience’s feedback. Learn to summarize your points clearly and you may opt to add a call for action.


Keynote speakersThere is no escape on this step. Effective keynote speakers practice their speeches way ahead of time. It is important to be familiar with the flow of your speech so that you will not get lost along the way. Through this step, you can work on your confidence and on how you are going to present. Learn about body language, intonation, and other related factors in delivering a speech.

Also, this part of rehearsing is not just to improve your speaking skill. This also includes checking the equipment in the event so that you can get over some glitches.

Other Factors to Consider

Preparation and Planning

As many individuals work on improving their speaking skill as well as building their confidence, preparation and planning should not be ignored. Skill and confidence would not matter much if you are to face the audience with an impromptu keynote piece. There would not be enough content to it.

Some wordsmith might get over with this concern by engaging the audience. But in the end, the result would not be a success because the listeners would not gain knowledge regarding the topic. Coming to the event unprepared is the worst sin any public speaker can commit.

Humor and Relatability

Even though the keynote has to be informative, it also has to be interesting to the audience. You can add humor to your speech so that it can have its own personality which the audience can relate to.

Also, putting in some anecdotes or stories of people whom the listeners are familiar with, will surely catch their attention. It will also be easily imprinted on their memories.

Remember these pointers so that you can deliver an effective speech. These are the things that even professional keynote speakers practice for their work.