A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Baseball Pins

baseball pinsFor years, the practice of trading pins has been integral in any team sport. Players and non-players alike exchange these colorful objects to have fun and to get to know other people. Trading pins is almost as enjoyable as the games themselves, and baseball is no exception. This is why many teams have custom baseball pins made to introduce a little spice and individuality into the sport.

Why make customized pins?

Well, for one, team members seem to enjoy them. They are great products for rewarding good team members. Also, having customized pins for your team also helps them develop a sense of team spirit and identity, which are crucial in the game. Additionally, making custom baseball pins for your team is a way to let your team be known in the sport. Fans value merchandise featuring their favorite teams and players.

What are the different types of trading pins?

Pins are often manufactured in one of four ways. Knowing the differences between each is imperative in choosing the type that you want to have for your team.

1. Cloisonne Soft Enamel Pins

These pins are very popular and account for around ninety percent of requested pins. They are very beautiful and have a jewelry-like finish. They sparkle when manufactured. They are a little more limited in color and detail as compared to offset digital printed pins, but they are textured, making them very valuable to collectors.

2. Offset Digital-Printed Pins

These pins are perfect for multi-colored designs which require more details. Projects which require the reproduction of a photograph, company logo, or painting often necessitate offset digital-printed pins. These pins are produced by using the latest printing technology to directly print the design onto brass pins, then applying a clear transparent coating to protect the image. The final pin matches the exact details and colors of team logos, with a shiny finish upon catching light.

3. Photo-Etched Pins

Photo-etched pins are a cheaper alternative to cloisonne soft enamel pins. The former has most of the latter’s features and fine details, but are offered at more reasonable prices.

4. Stock Trading Pins

Thinking of trading pins at the last minute? Here’s a solution! Although stock trading pins cannot be personalized in the same way as custom baseball pins, stock trading pins are available for fast shipment. They are as attractive and have the same quality as customized pins, and you’ll surely enjoy trading these during pin trading season!

Why trade pins?

Baseball trading pins have always been an integral part of the sport. The practice is often observed at baseball tournaments, resorts, and venues as a way for players to get to know more people and to show off their collections.

Have some random facts about trading pins!

1. Most players start of their trading pin collection with seventy-five to a hundred pins.

2. Bigger collections are better. Having a large stock makes trading for sought-after pins easier.

3. Team trading pins range in size from one and a half to two and a half inches. Bigger pins are often heavier and more expensive.

4. Most people prepare their trading pin collections as early as March. Baseball season, Coopers-town events, and World Series during the months of June to July are often very busy, since teams are often traveling between places and training. It’s better to have your collection ready, so that you won’t miss any good opportunities!

Interesting, isn’t it? The practice of making and trading custom baseball pins is something that is almost as revered as the sport itself, so invest in your collection and have fun trading!